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Heart Pendant Kind Words

We use everything we have ever learned in making beadwork, creating designs, developing techniques, writing instructions, illustrating patterns, selecting beads, making kits, writing web pages, publishing articles, answering inquiries, filling orders, developing a business plan, keeping records, filing taxes, and working to make beAd Infinitum grow beyond our expectations.  We put ourselves into our work, so we truly appreciate the thoughtful feedback we receive from you. On this page, you will find some of the testimonials that inspire us to continue doing all that we do.

Thank you for your kind words.
-Florence Turnour and Gwen Fisher

From Cristina (http://www.ababeads.blogspot.com/) in Guaynabo, Pueto Rico
I was in love with the Ionic Octahedron!! It is just amazing! I make a change between the drops because I think I make a mistake... but it's beautiful!! your pattern are well explained and very easy to follow!
From Suzanne Golden (http://www.SuzanneGolden.com/) in New York, New York
I just had to write to tell you both how much in awe I am of the two of you. Just got my instructions in the mail and they are so well done. And I actually can understand shapes so much better now.

I love beaded beads and wish I was clever enough to have invented one. I'm more than happy to use your instructions and see what I can come up with. I couldn't get past Algebra in school and find it interesting that I should be so fascinated with a technique based upon math!!
From Miriam in Israel
I have to say though, - you are a GENIUS! I can't believe how amazingly easy you have made a pattern that is fairly complex in its design! I'm awed! I was having guests over for dinner but I just couldn't help myself, I HAD to try it out and so I managed to make my first pair of Three Drop earrings before they arrived and wore them for dinner, getting lots of compliments! LOL! Fantastic! :) Thank you so much! I can't wait to explore and I already have an idea how to use it in a necklace, I'll show you when I'm done! :) You are AMAZING artists...I can't for the life of me imagine how on earth you manage to come up with these designs...there is nothing like your stuff out there, nothing even close! I see a lot of patterns and many of them are quite difficult to figure out, even for an experienced beader,- your patterns however, are so easy that anyone can make them, I have truly never seen anything quite like it!
From Janet in Hacienda Heights, California
I received the bead patterns last Friday, and made a few items over the weekend. Your instructions are fantastic. I'm the type that has trouble following written instructions; I do much better when I can see a demo or take a class on things like this. But your instructions and pictures are great! Once I master these, I'll have to try the Sea Star...
From Kathi in Maumee, Ohio
Last night I played with the 3-Drop Earrings pattern (just a trial version with random beads), and I LOVE YOUR GRAPHICS! The pattern is so very easy to follow, and the design is fabulous. I am truly in awe of people who can design!
From Carole in New York, New York
author of "The Three-Bead Brick Stitch: Necklace Expressions. www.threebeadingyahoo.com
I have made several beads from the kits and patterns I bought and love making them. This is my kind of bead work. I love  puzzles and your designs have that same geometric, puzzling-out concept that make them a charm to work on. Also I am having great fun picking out colors.  How marvelous that each bead only uses a small amount. I never have a chance to get bored!  Constantly changing is splendid. Thank you.
From Pat in New Berlin, Wisconsin
I did try the free patterns that were offered on your site. The directions and pictures that explained the process were the best set of bead directions I have ever followed. Let's say I was able to follow them because they were written so well. It is obvious that both of you are good teachers no matter what subject you teach. It is an art that needs to be perfected with years of practice. I was a high school educator for 30 years; I respect your work.
From Monnie in Kansas City, Missouri
The bead kits came in today's mail and I must say you ladies have a class act going on.  Your packaging, labeling and contents, instructions etc. are put together very attractively.  The instructions look to be very clear and easy to understand.  Keep up the great work.
From Rhonda in Marshfield, Massachusetts
My husband is a mathematical physicist and I noticed that you're both in math. I've learned after 40+ years of marriage (although it didn't take 40 years!) that science/art are more closely related than most people think. I'm NOT a scientist, and not really an artist, but I've learned to appreciate both. Your beadwork is more of an art than a craft.
From Nancy in Sunnyvale, California
I can't begin to tell you how many compliments I receive on my Seven Sisters beads. They are the best, and so versatile with changing out the bead types.
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