International copyright laws afford Gwen Fisher and Florence Turnour exclusive rights to reproduce and sell, publish images of or professionally teach others to create the jewelry shown on this site, as well as that shown or described in our written patterns. However, we give our customers and visitors to our site limited rights to sell, display and teach beadwork made from our designs. These limited rights are described below; if you wish to use our designs or images in any way not described below, you must obtain our written permission.

Angel Policy: Selling finished jewelry made from our patterns

beAd Infinitum is proud to be an Angel Company (borrowing the term from the rubber stamping community). This means we support artists who sell their artwork. Please feel free to make lots of our beadwork designs for sale, so you can make a bunch of money (and buy more patterns).
We ask the following:

  • Please don't mass produce beadwork made with our designs. For example 50 of identical copies of an item would constitute mass production.

  • Please don't hire or pay other people to make beadwork with our designs to sell under your name or the name of your company.

  • Whenever possible, please include a reference to beAd Infinitum when the work is displayed for in public. In particular, when you display work on the internet, please include a phrase like, "This necklace includes designs from beAd Infinitum," or "This necklace features a Double Rose Window beaded bead from beAd Infinitum." Of course a link to our site would be appreciated. Similarly, such a phrase could be displayed at a craft show or in a gallery, if it is not inappropriate.

  • Remember that we retain copyright of the instructions and patterns themselves, as stated elsewhere on this page; our Angel Policy does not afford you the right to distribute our instructions or rewrite and distribute instructions of your own for the designs.

If you make something wonderful, please consider sending us a picture. We do enjoy seeing the innovative ways people incorporate our designs into their work. We will, of course, not use images you send in any way without your permission.

Posting pictures of jewelry you make using our designs on the web

If for any reason, you are going to publish, to publicly display (e.g. shop window or contest), or to post on a webpage your beadwork made with our patterns, we ask that you give us credit for the designs with a link to our home page:

Teaching classes using our free patterns

If you would like to reproduce any of our free patterns, we ask you reproduce those patterns in their entirety and that you do not profit from the sale of the pattern or paper itself. You may profit from your time and the sale of beads, but not from our pattern.

Teaching classes using the patterns we sell

You may not reproduce and distribute our patterns for sale or for publication. You may not professionally teach any of our designs using your own written instructions without our express written consent.

If you would like to teach any of our for-sale patterns, then we ask that you or your students purchase the patterns from us. You may profit from your time and the sale of beads, but not from our pattern. We have wholesale prices for those interested in purchasing four or more of the same pattern. Contact us for the wholesale price list.

Thank you for respecting our copyright

Thank you for respecting our copyright as designers. We want to continue to provide you with our designs, to inspire you to create art. By purchasing our patterns and respecting our copyright, you encourage us to continue creating and writing patterns for our designs.


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