Gwen Fisher Mathematical Artist and Jewelry Designer


Mini Ionic Polyhedra
by Gwen Fisher

Shown left to right are the Mini Ionic Cube, M. I. Octahedron, M. I. Pentacluster, M. I. Antiprism, and the M. I. Cuboctahedron. The cube and octahedron are a good size for earrings, measuring just 16mm at their largest diameter. Since they are nearly identical in size, you can make them into a pair of different, but matching, earrings. The largest in this set, the cuboctahedron, is just 21mm, which is pretty small for a beaded bead with over 250 beads. In fact, I find all of these mini beaded beads to be remarkable for both their level of detail and their highly symmetric profiles. They are rigid, symmetric, and the thread is barely visible. The beads fit together just as I like in finished bead weaving. All of these variations are discussed in our pattern Ionic Polyhedra.

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