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Level: Advanced
Size: Octahedral Cluster 3/4 diameter inch
Cube Cluster 1 inch diameter

Cube And Octahedral Cluster
Octahedral and Cube Clusters

The larger bead on the left is a Cube Cluster, and
the smaller beads on the right and top are Octahedral Clusters.

Click on the thumbnails.
Earthy Pendant NecklaceCube and Octahedral Cluster Beaded Beads
Cube And Octahedral Cluster Beaded Beads

Black Lace Rose Kits
Octahedral Cluster (left) and Cube Cluster (right)


Sharing technique and symmetry, the Cube and Octahedral Cluster Beaded Beads coordinate fabulously. The pair of patterns is a whopping 33 pages with 140 color illustrations and photos. It's long because we start with beginners lessons, and we include tons of variations and jewelry ideas.

Octahedral Cluster

The Octahedral Cluster looks like a cube with its corners and edges smoothed out. It has six four-pointed stars, each with a hole large enough to accommodate a chain or a thin chord. Since the bead is hollow, the Octahedral Cluster can also be strung on a wire through any of the eight three-fold faces. Five Octahedral Clusters make a stunning choker, but one Octahedral Cluster bead can be just as spectacular as a focal.

Octahedral Cluster Beaded Bead

Cube Cluster

Measuring one full inch in diameter, the Cube Cluster is a remarkably round, hollow, and stiff beaded bead. Eight three-pointed stars cover the surface, and it has six holes measuring 3 mm, large enough to accommodate a cord or thin chain. This pattern starts with a beginner’s lesson on the basic beaded cube with 12 beads including step-by-step instructions for how to make one. Then a lace overlay of tiny seed beads and fire polished crystals covers the surface.


Follow the thumbnails to see more about these examples.

Earthy Pendant NecklaceCube and Octahedral Cluster Beaded BeadsWisdom Mandala RainbowCube and Octahedral Cluster Beaded Beads

More Details...

The Octahedral Cluster pattern has 19 pages and 84 color illustrations and photographs. The Cube Cluster pattern has 14 pages and 56 color illustrations and photos. The kits each make one beaded bead.

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